We Strive for Perfection.

G4 Pharma is committed to the global pharmaceutical needs of our generation. Through our extensive global partnerships in manufacturing and distribution, we are able to utilize our unique worldwide reach and provide people around the world with the life-changing pharmaceuticals they need. Our core focus is to deliver quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices to the established and developing countries. Our commitment, to bringing positive change in the world, is our roadmap towards securing our space in the globally competitive market.


At G4 Pharma we pride ourselves on an ethical management approach to business practices and take on the challenges that big pharma companies choose not to acknowledge. Through investments in life science research & development and creating innovative measures, we strive to eradicate the global healthcare issues of today. We have a keen focus on customer needs and an unwavering support towards healthy living in our global community.

Our this philosophy is further strengthened by other similar initiatives, part of G4 Holdings Worldwide, and focus towards striving to achieve a positive impact for the betterment of our communities. One such initiative is supported by a non-profit organization, The Chahal Foundation. Gurbaksh Chahal founded this non-profit organization. The organization’s main focus is to create awareness of social causes, provide scholarships and mentorships, support disaster relief efforts, improve schools in third world countries, and to build awareness to eradicate child sex trafficking. At G4 Pharma, we pride ourselves to be part of an organization with core focus being socio-economic welfare of the community at large, founded by the guiding principles led by Gurbaksh Chahal.

Manufacturing Partnerships

G4 Pharma secures the premier generic pharmaceutical drugs through our strategic partnerships and investments into the top pharmaceutical manufacturers of the world. This allows G4 Pharma to provide the needed medicines of the world at prices that the global community can afford. Making calculated investments in manufacturing creates tremendous efficiency for product pricing and delivery while generating exponential value to our customers.

Our Products

All products manufactured and distributed for and by G4 Pharma are of the highest quality products in the global market. All of our products are World Health Organization (WHO), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant. We believe that quality and affordable pricing should be a constant in the pharmaceutical market and know this can be accomplished through sustainable and environmentally sound operations while delivering a trustworthy product. We understand the scope of needed pharmaceutical worldwide and the responsibility of today’s pharmaceutical companies to answer this call. At G4 Pharma, we are committed to delivering these quality and trusted products at affordable prices to our global community.